December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013

After stuffing myself with hundreds of pounds of barbecue, puffy tacos, doughnuts, and more on a culinary tour of Texas, I decided it would be a wonderful idea to review the year in recipes. Specifically, the most popular recipes I published in 2013. If you're looking for ways to start eating healthy for your 2014 resolutions, you may want to wait a few days until I start publishing new recipes. If you just want some food that tastes delicious, read on. Either way, happy New Year!

13. Raspberry Bars

12. Peach Muffins

11. Croque Poulet

10. Passover Almond Thumbprint Cookies

9. Blueberry Muffins

8. Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta

7. Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Cake

6. Honey Ginger Salmon

5. Asian Broccoli Salad

4. Blackberry Buns

3. Summer Potato Salad

2. Beer & Bacon Pecan Bars

1. Orange Ricotta Cookies

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