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I'm Kayla. I cook. I blog. I study. I'm an aspiring baker, blogger, and food scientist currently attending the University of Wisconsin. I've been cooking as long as I can remember, and I started shadowing in restaurants around Atlanta at age 13. Basically, I would show up on Saturday mornings and help the pastry chef(s) with whatever he/she/they needed; I shadowed at Pricci, The Horseradish Grill, Alon's Bakery, and Seed. 

I entered the 2010 Share Our Strength Great American Baking Contest and placed second, and I won the contest in 2011 with my Caramel Apple Tartlets with Walnut Crumble. As a result, I led a demonstration at the 2011 Taste of Atlanta in the Family Food Zone, where I made Caramel Brownie Pie. In 2012, I made White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies for the Dynamic Kid's Expo, and I was featured at the 2013 Atlanta Chef's Expo.

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So those are some of the coolest things I've gotten to do as a chef. I've also had a summer job at Alon's Bakery, and I published recipes for I started my blog in December 2011 so that I could actually do something productive with all the food I cooked instead of just giving it away (or eating it myself). I am currently focusing on academic endeavors as well as culinary ones (since, you know, college and all), but I hope to maintain my blog throughout my journey as a food scientist. So far, I've been successful through three years of college, one semester abroad, an internship at ConAgra, and now an internship at Wrigley. If anything, the recipes and stories will only get nerdier.


  1. Neat blog! You are seriously talented at cooking; I wish I was as good as you! I blog at :)

  2. This bio needs an update (Ms. University of Wisconsin)!

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    1. Hello! I created an account, but I'm not sure how to add my blog. What's the best way to contact you?

  4. Kayla,
    My lady went to UW Madison during 1996 thru 1999 and is trying to find the recipe for an M&M cookie that used to be sold at Union South. She claims that they were very light and fluffy and very big. We tried a recipe and it was a toll House type of cookie. I am thinking it may have been a sugar type cookie. Can you help us find this recipe?