January 22, 2017

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

I haven't even had a full week of classes yet and I'm already struggling to figure out what and when to eat, how to eat it on the go, and how to avoid getting bored with my meals. Unfortunately, I have two twelve-hour days of class per week, which means I need to find a bunch of different snacks to munch on while sprinting between labs. It's going to be a fun semester. These spicy roasted chickpeas can be eaten by the handful, and they won't get smushed at the bottom of my backpack because they're so deliciously crunchy, unlike that delicious M&M cookie I packed as a Friday pick-me-up last week (*cries internally*).

You can read all you want about 2017's hottest new trends, but I think chickpeas are at the top of the list. Not only can you use the canning liquid as an egg substitute, but the beans themselves are incredibly versatile. I've used them in hummus, with chicken, and to bulk up some chili. Here, all you have to do is season and bake them until they're crispy.

Again, you have pretty much unlimited options here both with the seasoning and how you eat them. I added some heat and some garlic, but it's easy to experiment with Italian herbs (oregano, thyme, basil, etc.), Asian flair (ginger, sesame, and/or curry), or your favorite seasoning blend (think Old Bay is just for seafood? think again!). Instead of eating them plain, try them as a healthy, low-carb alternative to croutons on salad (as shown in the most ratchet salad in existence above... I was running low on veggies ok?) or as a way to add some crunch by sprinkling them onto your favorite soup. It's hard to mess these up and there's pretty much endless combinations of how to make and serve them, so I'd recommend buying a few cans of chickpeas to spice up your week.

1 Can Chickpeas, Drained & Rinsed
3 T Olive Oil
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Cayenne
1 tsp Paprika
2 Cloves Garlic, Minced

Heat oven to 400F.

Whisk the olive oil, chili powder, cayenne, paprika, and garlic together. Toss the chickpeas in the oil mixture, spread on a baking sheet, and roast for 30 minutes or until crispy.

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