December 20, 2011

First Post!

So I'm sure everyone says this when they start a blog, but I'm really not sure what to expect. I started The Nerdy Chef to share my recipes, pictures, and knowledge of food. 

There's a lot to say, but let me begin from the beginning. I have cooked for all of my life (which isn't very long, but I guess I can't complain), but I really became serious when I realized two things: 1. I am a picky eater and food tastes better when I make it (sorry Mom & Dad!) and 2. I could actually eat dessert if I was "experimenting." In a matter of years, I transitioned from baking cookies with my grandma to working in some of Atlanta's top restaurants and winning baking competitions. I'm not exactly sure what lies ahead, but it will definitely involve food in some way or another.

Keep checking for more recipes and tips and feel free to comment with any questions or requests!

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